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This 100% polyester men’s shirt has a plain weave for any environment and comes with a seven-button placket front. It offers three sewn-in military creases on the back and two in the front. This men’s short sleeve shirt from a trusted uniform store has a full badge sling to share information on the job. It also offers a hidden pencil compartment in the left breast pocket. It offers a convertible sport collar with permanent collar stays.



  • Created out of 100% polyester with a plain weave
  • Offers a seven-button placket front and sewn-in military creases
  • Includes a full badge sling and a hidden pencil compartment
  • Features a set of permanent collar stays
  • Made with pleated pockets and scalloped flaps with Velcro® closures


**Comes with LC logo, name, and Insignia on collar. May sub for patch for $5 less. 


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