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The Magic Needle is a distributor for many companies, such as 5.11, R-Heros, Game, Richardson, Boston Leather, Lion apparel, XGO, Spector, ESS, Horace Small, Blackhawk, Bulwark, Lite FX, etc.   If you are looking for a specific vendor and you don't see them here, please let us know.  We will do our best to find what you need. 

Basil FD   

   Berne Twp FD     


  Community Amb   

  Comm Amb-Marietta      

Coshocton Cty EMS   

  Crooksville FD   


  East Knox Joint FD   

  Falls Twp Fire Dept      


  Frazeysburg FD   

  Genoa Twp Fire Dept.   

  Harlem Twp FD

Hebron Fire Dept   

  Hocking County EMS   

  Hocking Twp FD   

Lancaster Fire Dept

Licking Twp FD   


  New Concord Fire

Newton Twp

Pleasant Twp FD   

  Ravenswood FD   

  South Zanesville 

  Thorn Twp FD

Thurston-Walnut Twp   

 United Ambulance   

 Zanesville Fire Dept.

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